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Sangwa offers Pro-bono services to the Catholic faithful.

Sangwa offers Pro-bono services to the Catholic faithful.

Sangwa offers Pro bono services to the Catholic faithful.

He is one of the country’s most distinguished lawyers, a man well known for his sufficient knowledge and influence in Constitutional Law. John Sangwa is a fearless attorney whose objectiveness in matters of law and governance cuts across political propensity.

Mr Sangwa’s legal theatrics regularly makes headlines and keeps listeners glued to his insightful legal mind every time he is on radio. It has earned him a stellar professional reputation.

The law’s complexities and intellectual challenges has kept him spell-bound and full of energies. A lawyer his calibre would not waste a single minute on pro-bono services. However, beneath his crusty exterior is a person who clearly cares about people.

Its (law) power to affect social change has inspired and motivated him to give back to the community.

To satisfy his spiritual well-being, Mr Sangwa has devoted his time to offer free legal services to the Catholic Community.

“I just realized that obvious there are needs even in the body of Christ,” said a legal tactician with an aggressive edge. “At least I recognize the fact that I am a lawyer and I am looking at it as part of my ministry. We cannot all be full time preachers of the gospel but Whatever skill the Lord has given us, we can still use it for the benefit of its people.”

“I believe I have the training in the law and I thought I could use my training to try and bless his people. Given the challenging economic situation, not everybody can afford legal services.”

Mr. Sangwa sees himself as a force for good, an instrument for social improvement who could use his obvious gifts to help others. He has dedicated his weekday mornings (8hrs – 12hrs) to be at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus, Pope Square to offer his legal services to the Catholic faithful.

“Sometimes it’s not necessarily requiring legal services. Sometimes it’s just advise because sometimes people do wrong things because of luck of knowledge and understanding, so I am there to provide advice and guidance where it is required.”

“It is more spiritual,” he said. “At the end of the day, when I speak to somebody who comes in without hope and I see the expression on their faces after speaking to them…the sense of hope, sense of optimism, you cannnot put a monetary value on that and everything in life is not just about money. I consider myself blessed and if I can in turn bless others I am fulfilling my obligation.”

“Christianity is not just a question of parroting the scriptures, it’s a way of life and the model that we have is Christ. It’s not just a question of pursuit of monetary gains. It’s more spiritual…I can sit in the office and make tonnes and tonnes of money but at the end of the day will it give me joy or satisfaction? Not really, but I think making a difference in other people’s lives is more satisfying.”


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