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St. Anthony of Padua Parish – Chilongolo

A Journey Through History

The inception of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Chilongolo had humble beginnings. Prior to 1988, worshippers gathered beneath a tree in the School grounds of Makeni GRZ Basic School. Two years later, the congregation moved into rented classrooms for K10,000 per month. Mr. Selino, an employee of P.W.D, served as the first Chairman, and Mass was held every Friday evening by Fr. Francis Kabwe, then Parish Priest for Makeni’s Christ the Redeemer.

Shift to Sundays and Catechism Lessons (1988-1990):

Under the leadership of Fr. Anselm Bonifigli, Mass shifted to Sundays at 14:00 hours, and catechism lessons commenced. Mrs. Euphrasia Nkoma, a teacher at GRZ School, became the first Catechist, and the first Small Christian Community (SCC), St. Francis of P.W.D, was established under Christ the Redeemer Parish.

Land Donation and Church Construction (1986-1987):

In 1988, Mr. Anthony Ndalama and his family generously offered land for church construction. With funds secured in 1986, construction began, with families molding blocks daily, except on Sundays. The building process continued with Fr. Oswald Tini until completion in 1987, attracting congregants even before its official consecration.

Growth and Expansion (1990-1996)

By 1990, the number of SCCs had grown to six: St. Francis, St. Mary, St. Dominic, St. Paul, St. Monica, and St. Peter. St. Maximillian Kolbe for the Youth later joined. Catechists, including Mrs. E. Nkoma, Mr. Daniel Moyo, Mr. Mukuka Mutale, Mr. Clement M. Zulu, and Mrs. Clare Zulu, assisted in organizing catechetical lessons.

Consecration and Official Recognition (1993-1994)

On May 9, 1993, His Grace Adrian Mung'andu, the then Archbishop of Lusaka, consecrated the St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. In 1994, it officially became an outstation of Christ the Redeemer Parish Makeni.

Continued Development and Community Support (1996-2006)

In 1996, Fr. Krzystof Mroz succeeded Fr. Emmanuel Chishimba as Parish Priest for Makeni Parish and continued with various constructions. With donor assistance, constructions like the Grotto and a borehole were completed. The Community School, initiated with John Macrea's support, was blessed and commissioned by Rev Dr. Oliver Mukunta (late) in 2006.

Parish Establishment and Leadership Changes (2014-2021)

On July 1, 2014, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church was established as a Parish by Most Rev. T.G Mpundu. The first Parish Priest was Rev. Fr. Vincent S Lungu, succeeded by Fr. Oliver Mukunta (late) in 2018 and the current Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Evaristo C. Chuya, in 2021.

Current State and Achievements

The Church now proudly hosts ten (10) Small Christian Communities and an Outstation named Our Lady of Fatima, generously gifted by Mr. D.B Zulu and family."